Watch Today's Free Training

Discover How Anyone Can Create a Part-Time or Full-Time Income Online By Leveraging 
The World’s Oldest Profession

Watch Today's Free Training

Discover How Anyone Can Create a Part-Time or Full-Time Income Online By Leveraging 
The World’s Oldest Profession

Hosted by:
Chris Byron & Neil King

This free training is hosted by Chris Byron, CEO of who works with an 8 figure company Kings League where they build, train, and consults consultants, coaches and closers and multiple 5-6-7 & 8 figure companies online, how to renew or scale their sale conversions. 

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"you are the real deal! We love you NEIL!”

Claire & James

Founders of the world renowned "38degreesnorth Retreats" & "TheMidlifeMethod"

Dr. Leo Venus

Vegan Fitness Influencer, Youtuber. Founder of 'VeganHolisticLifestyle' 


Neil helped me Make $20,000 with my new coaching program in less than 4 days. Going from ZERO. This is a new reality of business and understanding that Neil gives you. You can take the slow road and take years to learn for yourself, or learn the fast way and within a couple of months, radically change your business and life forever with the knowledge of Neil and his team! If you are on the fence, don't be.. and Just make the decision to go with Neil.


Peter Aldred

Founder of Subsudio, Ethos Health Products

As an entrepreneur who has built multiple established brands and businesses within the health industry, I thought I had seen it all. With Ethos health products we have made millions of dollars. And working with Unicorn Freedom, is one of the best business relationships I have ever had in my business career. I'm certain if you are doing 7 or 8 figures and you want to go beyond with your company, or you need an infusion of exciting energy that will improve your business; they are without a doubt your guys. 
Ree Gekko

Instagram Influencer, Online Coach
Founder of Reeanimate



Dominik Sky

Fitness Influencer
'4 Times World Record Holder'

Founder of Sky Calisthenics 

(The largest Calisthenics community in the world)

Even with a 500k following throughout the different platforms on social media, prior to partnering up with Neil my team and I were stuck on $5k revenue a month. Neil implemented his high ticket sales process and launch-strategy for our first high ticket course and it 10x´ed our own expectations and within 30 days we had sold for $72,000. Our Biggest program for advanced Calisthenics is now at $12,000. Before working with Neil & his team, our most exclusive programs were only 500$, so this was a HUGE success.